sMy story goes of a boy who was from a very poor family. The father was a cobbler and the mother a petty trader. This boy lived somewhere near a tunnel. The kids would go there to play during their free times, when they were not scavenging, and of course when the adults working on the tunnel were not around. If the adults working on the tunnel found any kid there, they would beat the kid seriously and tell the kid never to go there again as it was too dangerous.

One day this boy being bored, (and looking for an adventure perhaps) went to explore the tunnel. While looking around the unusual tunnel, he stumbled upon a strange looking stone. On carrying it the stones were unusually heavy so that he could only carry one home.  He soon after forgot about the strange stone he brought home.stone

Some months later, things went from bad to worse for his parents and he was left to fend for himself. Remembering the stone one day, he thought to himself: ‘if I could only find a way to make some money of this stone’. He quickly took the stone to one Mr. Joe who worked at a shop nearby and said: ‘sir I was wondering if you could just take this for $2’ putting the stone on the counter.

Mr. Joe replied: ‘$2 for this worthless stone? I’ll give you 25cents and no more’

After a hard bargain, Mr. Joe gave him 1 dollar for the stone. ‘And consider this charity.’ He said.

The boy thanked Mr. Joe profusely and left.

A couple of months later a merchant passing by the town stopped at Mr. Joe’s shop to bye some provisions when he saw the worthless stone.

‘Where did you get that?’  He asked pointing to the stone.

‘Oh, some boy came in with it, hungry boy and I just changed it with him for a dollar’ Mr. Joe replied. ‘It’s a worthless, heavy stone so I was just doing the boy charity ya know’ Mr. Joe added.

‘Okay can I have it?’ The merchant asked?

‘Hey it might be worthless but I bought that stone and I ain’t parting with it for free’ Mr. Joe replied

‘If you want to play it that way, I’ll give you five dollars’ the merchant offered.

‘Forty’ Mr. Joe said being a greedy man and wanting to make more profit than necessary.

After a hard bargain the worthless stone was sold at ten dollars.

‘What a waste’ Mr. Joe thought to himself after the merchant left ‘he could have used the money for more useful things. Wonder how he succeeds as a merchant.’

Mr. Joe will later boast to his friends on how he sold a worthless stone for 10 dollars, amazing isn’t it? Perhaps one would wonder why it didn’t occur to Mr. Joe that 10 dollars was way too much for an ordinary stone much less a worthless stone. Well, it’s not so worthless afterall.

Anyway the merchant knowing what the stone actually was simply went to the goldsmith amazed at his luck and sold the stone for about $1000, the actual worth of raw gold at that time. The goldsmith in turn refined it and sold it for about $10,000.

Unfortunately at this time, the tunnel which you know by now is actually an illegal goldmine collapsed killing 2 workers and injuring about 12 of them. This lead to it’s discovery and the mine was closed.

Can you imagine how the boy will feel when he gets to know the true value of that stone? That the stone could have been the solution to the boy’s problems?

Let’s say you’re the stone. Do you know who you are? Do you know your worth? Do you surround yourself with people who don’t know your worth (Mr. Joe and the boy)?

In life the boy represents people who don’t know your worth, and don’t care. They’re only preoccupied with themselves usually. Joe is that person who doesn’t know your worth also, and want to take advantage of you even if it’s to your own detriment. Sadly, there is no shortage of Joes he could be your colleague, boss, lecturer, partner, classmate, lover, pastor or even so called family. The boy and Joe represent that servant in Matt 25:14-30 given only one talent but didn’t know the worth so buried it and gave his master an excuse that he was a wicked person. Like that prodigal son who didn’t know the value of his wealth so squandered it.

The merchant is like the pastors, friends, mentors, family, evangelists etc. that know your value and takes you to the person who can strengthen it. Sadly, the people meant to be in this group can actually be wolf in sheep’s clothing or in this case, Mr. Joes. Even though the merchant gains from it a heavenly price, as Paul said: woe is me if I do not preach the gospel. These guide you to the goldsmith.

By now I guess you should know the goldsmith who increases your worth. This goldsmith actually loves to increase your worth just as you, but you have to get to him before he can do it. He is no one but Lord Jesus, son of God whom God gave power over all principalities. If you know who you are, and you know your worth, then you know you belong to him. Just like the gold to the goldsmith. The good news is that he also wants you:

Psalm 51:17. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart O God, thou wilt not despise.

If you know your worth, you will know where you belong.  Princes and nobles know their worth and carry themselves appropriately and not like the peasant. If you claim to know your worth, do you carry yourself accordingly in dressing, behavior and all aspects of your life? I will ask again. Do you know your worth? God bless.


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